Game Information Aeronauts


It is not often that a slot machine leaves you speechless, but Aeronauts has managed to do that.

This game is visually and technically impressive. Not only does it look amazing, but also the theme itself is multidimensional and delightful.

Overflowing with more features than a cloud full of water, this slot machine has a lot to offer, and that is even before taking into account the payment x 5,000!

If you are still not convinced, enter the game and see exactly what awaits you up there, above the clouds.

How to play Aeronauts

• Multiplier: This symbol is a cog like tile that has ‘x2’ embellished upon it – much like a wild, it substitutes other symbols but it also adds a multiplier into the mix so that your returns are greater.
• Wild: As just mentioned, this will remove all ‘ordinary’ symbols and replace them to work towards a winning combo.
• Scatter: The airship will reward you ten free spins should you find three or more of them.
• Bonus: As you will have guessed by now, especially if you play many slots, this symbol will unlock a mini level for you to enjoy. When it loads, you will see a screen filled with symbols and you merely pick them to get rewards; you cannot lose.
• Extra: This is a goodie from Aeronauts, which essentially is another bonus but without the mini game. When they appear they add up and create stars (seen above the inventor), when that star bar is filled a large amount of money will be given to you.

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Payment methods

  • Carteira Digital
  • Pay for Fun
  • Santander
  • Itaú
  • Caixa
  • Bradesco
  • Banco Do Brasil
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